Chef Duanio Sings all around the town

Chef Duanio Sings all around the town

Past Events

I know, Chef Duanio lives in the moment,  but you don't have to.  Here are some selected scenes from Chef Duanio's exploits:

An amazing evening is in store for you at The Urban Homestead in Pasadena on Sunday, August 10th from 7-9PM.  Chef Duanio has paddled all the way from an undisclosed location in Italy to entertain you and he has reached out to some of the performers who have graced his stage before.  Including:

The Bohemian Soul Rustlers - reunited with fellow Soul Rustler, Michael Puccini
Karina Mitchellini - reunites with Chef Duanio to swing like they do in Italy
And amazing woman of mystery and dance, Sahiira

And here are some pictures from a bigger event!

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